Monday, April 13, 2009

The Talk of the Town

The talk of the town in the blog world is all about Anonymous Agents stellar jewelry. Not only is she being blogged about everyday by some pretty awesome fashion blogs but etsy has had this little lady in their top rotations. We of course are on the band wagon selling her sweet necklaces at plum. check it out, before you are left behind! Click on the blog title to read all about what they are saying!!


Amanda said...

awesome!! more of the attention she deserves

Anonymous Agent said...

Thanks help your help girls, you make me feel like a serious warrior!!!

Anonymous said...

I love these braids to the neck, where can I find them?

if you could say it was great

Anonymous Agent said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for asking... you can find my necklaces my etsy site at or in Plum's boutique on 124 Ludlow street, New York.
Hope this helps!

Tina Lovely said...

Hi Sarah, you can also email us at plum.

Lauren said...

Amazing! I definately need one of these hot babies.

x x x