Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Plum & Pear favorites

the ladies at plum and pear are well dressed and versed in fashion.
here are some of their personal favorites inside the store.

Dana's pick:
Octopi Dress with lace, faux-fur and one gorgeous back.
Sure to make you a hit at any dinner party or blind date.

Amy's favorite:
Chi Mihara Granny boots
Not only are they totally awesome in every way but super comfortable.
If you have ever owned Chi shoes you know why!

Jackie's pick:
Sally Tseng's Fitted Plaid Flannel jacket.
Just in time for this chilly weather.

Tina's favorite:
Charlotte Pinson's hand crafted t-shirts.
One of a kind designs, perfect for when you feel like wearing your
favorite jeans and a simple shirt.

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